West Azerbaijan Province Science and Technology Park considers its philosophy to generate wealth through facilitating the process of technology transfer to industry. As an important element in the formation and development of a knowledge-based economy, this institution strives to provide all-round support for knowledge-based enterprises and creativity through the proximity of its neighbors to 3 Asian and European countries and 7 national boundaries. Attracted investors and provided the basis for commercialization and marketing of innovative ideas would have a key role in helping their active presence in various fields such as business, agriculture, food, and mining at national and international levels. It also highlights the ideas of technologists who have been abandoned due to a lack of support in order to facilitate and operationalize their commercial acquisition and utilization.

Accordingly, culture is considered as one of the important missions in the context of flourishing creativity and innovation, orientation towards the elite capacities of the province, transfer of capital to entrepreneurship, and wealth creation.