Objectives of the Provincial Coordination Council

  • Preparing the platform for national and international cooperation to use global experiences as well as an effective presence in the technology markets of Iran and the world
  • Consulting in setting criteria and performing various processes of recruitment, acceptance, egress, service provision and development of technology units
  • Interaction to organize the potentials and available resources to create a link between the facilities and university resources , science, technology and industrial centers and the potentials of technology units
  • Preparing  a suitable platform for communication between governmental and non-governmental research and development units with technology centers through positiom  in the park
  • Laying the groundwork for research achievements commercialization
  • Creating an entrepreneurial environment, supporting innovation and creativity of young researchers
  • Prepare a fine place  for expansion and growth of knowledge and active technology in the fields of technology
  • Prepare a platform for suitable job opportunities to attract entrepreneurs and university graduates in the field of technology