According to the important role of intellectual property rights in the knowledge-based economy, the need to protect research and technology achievements of inventors and in order to use potentials in the industrial development of the country, West Azerbaijan Science and Technology Park evaluate scientific inventions in various fields by faculty members’ judgments

The process of evaluating applicants’ invention claims is as follows:

1) Register the electronic declaration on (The declaration number will be announced to the applicant via SMS.

2) Receive inquiry letter (The inventor can refer to the industrial property office system with a tracking code to eliminate the defect or to get the inquiry letter. After receiving through the system, it refers to the relevant organization so the request will be processed.)

3) Define West Azerbaijan Science and Technology Park as an inquiry reference.

4) Complete and send the following documents to

  • Inquiry letter from the patent office
  • Full description of the invention according to the following standards :
  • Title of  invention
  • Outline of invention
  • Technical background of the invention
  • The existing technical problem that will be solved by this invention
  • Description of prior knowledge and record of progress related to the invention
  • Presenting a solution for the technical program with details
  • A clear and precise description of the advantages of the invention
  • Explicit mention of usage
  • Photos and videos of the invention

5) Scan the bank receipt of arbitration fee

6) Preliminary checking and filing by the relevant official of the Park

7) Determining technical arbitrator(s) in relevant field as the claimed patent (University faculty members)

8) Expertise the field by arbitrator(s)

9) Responses to the arbitrators’ questions and objections

10) Sending the inquiry reply to the patent office

*To contact the relevant official : +984432751240 , +984432751241 , +984432751242  (116)*